Pentravan® is an oil-in-water emulsion base that uses liposomal technology to ensure effective and proven transdermal drug delivery*. Pentravan® is a fragrance-free vanishing cream, providing an elegant skin feel.

Benefits of Pentravan®

  • Ready-to-use
  • Time-saving; no need to weigh and mix multiple ingredients
  • Simple three-step compounding process
  • Compatible with a broad range of APIs
  • Provides a different route of administration
  • Allows for individualised therapy and more accurate dosing
  • Proven effectiveness* and reproducibility of transdermal penetration of APIs
  • Elegant skin feel. Non-greasy, vanishes quicklyFragrance-free

An in vitro absorption study* with different APIs shows that Pentravan® delivers more drug in a shorter amount of time than PLO

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