Cleoderm™ is a skin rebalancing cream designed to be used as a vehicle for compounding of personalized dermatological treatments. Its ingredient profile was specifically designed to be gentle on the skin to allow for its use as a vehicle for compounded preparations that may be applied to the face. Cleoderm™ has a positive role in decreasing sebum production, lipid peroxidation, and reactive oxygen species, as well as inhibition of Cutibacterium acnes proliferation, and control of inflammation. The ingredient profile of Cleoderm™ makes it a good choice as a vehicle for topical use for inflammatory skin conditions, or conditions in which inflammation can worsen its severity.

Cleoderm™ uses a patented C. gynandra extract within a specific diluent. The main components of this product are polyphenols, notably rutin and hydroxycinnamic acid. These substances can act synergistically on decreasing sebum secretion and inflammation (inhibits C. acnes, and suppresses TLR2 , IL-8, and neutrophils).

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