Fagron Academy

Fagron Academy’s objective is to inform prescribers and pharmacists regarding the use and importance of pharmaceutical compounding for their patients. It also offers training courses to pharmacists to further enhance their skills in the pharmaceutical compounding of tailor-made medication. Globally Fagron provides the broadest range of in-person training and educational options for pharmacists and prescribers. Pharmacists have the possibility to attend hands-on sessions covering a multitude of extemporaneously compounded dosage forms, compounding techniques, equipment review and use, quality and procedures applying the principles of good compounding practices.

 See the Fagron Academy schedule for 2022 below. 

Training schedule

March 2022
Date Subject Where Country Additional Information
12/03/2022 Pharmacy conference Thessaloniki Greece SY.FA Cooperative Pharmacists Conference
April 2022
Date Subject Where Country Additional Information
02/04/2022 HellasPHARM Congress Athens Greece Pharmacists
12/04/2022 Exemplary Preparation of Compounding Preparations - Quality Assurance in the Pharmacy laboratory according to the European Pharmacopoeia Kozani Greece
15/04/2022 Derma Conference Thessaloniki Greece Spring Conference of Hellenic Society of Dermatologists
May 2022
Date Subject Where Country Additional Information
25/05/2022 Simple steps for compounding, printing labels and pricing of compounded medications Webinar Greece Pharmacists