SyrSpend® SF: the superior choice for compounding oral liquid medication

Thu, 23/04/2015

Commercially available medication dosage forms frequently do not meet the needs of patients (adults, children, infants). Apart from difficulties with swallowing solid forms of medication, such as capsules or tablets, patients’ dosage requirements can vary based on their body weight and immature or impaired metabolism. In these cases, the standardized dosage forms may result in an increased risk of side effects. SyrSpend® SF provides a total all-in-one solution, free of harmful and controversial ingredients (benzyl alcohol, carrageenan, colourants, dextrose, ethanol, gluten, glycerol, lactose,, parabens, propylene glycol, sorbitol, sucrose, xylitol, common food allergens).

SyrSpend® SF product range consists of innovative suspending vehicles created by Fagron research department to deliver patient specific solutions with dose consistency during treatment, in order to enhance patient compliance and reducing medication errors. SyrSpend® SF is fully compatible with:

  • WHO pediatric guidelines
  • EMA pediatric guidelines
  • EU Additive guidelines
  • FDA GRAS list

SyrSpend® SF allows the pharmacist to prepare oral suspensions with pleasant flavour enhancing ease of dose administration and patients, offering accurate dosing and content uniformity during treatment while avoiding metabolic complications and side effects. SyrSpend® SF is already used by large health care institutions worldwide.