SyrSpend® SF – Proven stability for 10 additional APIs

Wed, 25/05/2016

SyrSpend® SF is a unique ready-to-use suspending vehicle that has been gaining momentum in compounding pharmacies worldwide. As an alcohol- and sorbitol-free suspending agent, SyrSpend® SF is safe for vulnerable patients while it also helps mask unpleasant taste, increasing patient compliance. In the March/April issue of the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding (IJPC), SyrSpend® SF’s broad compatibility is further explored and 10 additional stability studies have been performed:

  • Atenolol
  • Clonazepam
  • Dexamethasone
  • Diclofenac sodium
  • Diltiazem
  • Enalapril maleate
  • Ketoprofen
  • Lamotrigine
  • Penicillamine-D
  • Thiamine

All APIs reached beyond-use dates of at least 90 days when stored at controlled refrigerated (2°C - 8°C) and at controlled room temperature (20°C - 25°C) conditions, except for atenolol 1 mg/mL, which was stable for up to 60 days. This shows that SyrSpend® SF is an appropriate suspending vehicle for the preparation of individualized compounded oral suspensions with these APIs.

An overview of all available formulations with SyrSpend® SF can be found in our free online formulations database, Compounding Matters.

[1] Polonini HC, Loures S, Lima LC, Ferreira AO, Brandão MA. Stability of Atenolol, Clonazepam, Dexamethasone, Diclofenac Sodium, Diltiazem, Enalapril Maleate, Ketoprofen, Lamotrigine, Penicillamine-D and Thiamine in SyrSpend SF PH4 Oral Suspensions. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding Volume 20 No. 2, March/April 2016.