SyrSpend® SF Convenience packs: innovative suspension compounding

Fri, 29/05/2015
At Fagron Hellas we believe in tailor-made pharmaceutical care. Therefore, we collaborate with pharmacists and prescribers to innovate and optimise compounding and make it safe, efficient and available for all patients.
This collaboration led to the development of SyrSpend® SF convenience packs. These compounding packs contain everything needed to compound and administer an oral suspension.
SyrSpend® SF convenience packs increase patient safety:
  • SyrSpend® SF has active suspending technology to ensure high dosing accuracy and consistency throughout treatment.
  • Pre-measured API concentrations reduce prescribing and compounding errors.
  • SyrSpend® SF is free of sugar, alcohol, gluten, colourants, parabens or other harmful or controversial ingredients.
Additionally, SyrSpend® SF powder for reconstitution does not contain preservatives, making it suitable even for the treatment of the most vulnerable patients, including neonates.
SyrSpend® SF convenience packs are also highly efficient in use:
  • They help avoid the pharmacy from buying and stocking unnecessary bulk.
  • They save valuable time and resources in the pharmacy, that can be spent on patient care.
Discover how you can compound a palatable omeprazole suspension within minutes, with the Omeprazole & SyrSpend® SF Alka kit.
All SyrSpend® SF convenience packs are supported by physical, chemical and microbiological stability studies.