MediSpend™ - New Fagron medical device

Tue, 04/07/2017

A person swallows approximately two times per minute, often without thinking about it. Though swallowing comes naturally to most, dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing is a common problem among many patients. Fagron offers oral administration solution providing health professionals with customizable solutions for their patients.


Fagron is very happy to announce that we have launched the class I medical device MediSpend™ in Europe.


MediSpend™ can be used to aid the administration of intact tablets and capsules as well as crushed tablets and capsules’ content. The starch-based product has a lightly viscous consistency with a lemon flavor, and lubricates the medication for optimal patient comfort.


MediSpend™ is a Class I Medical Device comes in a convenient ready-to-use 1L pump bottle, does not require refrigeration and it is available without prescription in pharmacies around Greece.